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Breaking in of our New Facilities 첨부파일

writer : administrator | Date : 2021.05.26 | Hits : 526

This past month we invited our first cohort to join us at the new JW Kim College of Future Studies building for a lunch-in.  Students had finally finished all of their quarantine, so everyone was able to gather for some light conversation and tasty pizzas.  

During our students' stay within Korea, they will utilize this building to do projects and homework, gather to converse, and even take some of their online courses.  With offices located within the building, students can easily get help with questions and engage one-on-one with professors.  

Designed to give a coffee shop atmosphere, we hope that students will feel comfortable and continue to utilize this space.  Thanks to all of the students and professors that came out to help us break-in our new facilities.  

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