Undergraduate Program Structure

Our undergraduate program is structured as above and taught entirely in English. Students will spend one to two years on our main campus in Woosong University (Korea). From the third year, all students will have a chance to experience and learn in foreign countries. JCFS students will immerse themselves in different cultures and become a true global citizen.

Curriculum wise, for the first year, students will take general education courses and foundational courses that will prepare them to absorb studies in their majors. In the following three semesters (from the first semester of sophomore year to the end of your first semester junior year), students will take fundamental courses within their selected major (Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Data Science). After the three semesters of building essential knowledge in the major, students will be able to choose from two options - either to build their knowledge in-depth by taking advanced courses in their major, or take a module that will prepare them with expert knowledge in a very specialized industry or field. Both options will require 2 semesters to finish (from the second semester of junior year to the first semester of the senior year). In the last semester of the undergraduate program, all students (except for students applying for bachelor + master’s degree) will participate in a real-world project to solve real problems for companies, local government organizations, or our partner universities.