Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) expert Andrew Ng has once explained, artificial intelligence is the new electricity. In other words, AI will soon change the way everything functions in our economy and society as the invention of electricity did, drastically changing the ways we work and live. While AI is still in an early stage of developing, it will soon become the language of the future. And when that future comes, people who can understand and use AI technology will become the leaders most sought after in both business and science field.

Yet there are not many schools that offer artificial intelligence major at the undergraduate level. JCFS offers an opportunity to learn and absorb all the necessary AI knowledge for practical application without going through lengthy years of graduate education. With education in AI major from JCFS, students will be able to get jobs in fields including but not limited to these: AI software analyst and developer, mobile app developer, game programmer, robotics programmer, machine learning engineer, research scientist, and business intelligence developer.


Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

Required Courses

Required Course
Study Area Course Credits
Linear Algebra 3
Self-Designed Project 3
Basic Statistics 3
Basic Algorithm 3
Foundations of Cognitive Science 3
Statistics & Probability 3
Fundamentals of Computer Science 3
Machine Learning 3
Computation in Cognitive & Information Science 3
Behavioral Decision Making 3
Perception 3

Elective Courses

Elective Courses
Study Area Course Credits
AI for Business 3
Calculus 3
Introduction to Programming 3
Introduction to Python for Cognitive Science 3
Special Subject 1 3
Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structure 3
Database System 3
Data Ethics 3
Special Subject 2 3
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3
Programming Language 3
Computational Thinking for Problem Solving 3
Special Subject 3 3
Deep Learning 3
Computer Vision 3
Robotics Science and System 3
Human-Computer Interaction 3
Special Subject 4 3
Machine Learning and Data Mining 3
Advanced Natural Language Processing 3
Algorithms for Sensor Based Robotics 3
Special Subject 5 3
Consulting Skill Program 4
Consulting Practice 4

General Electives

All students are required to take 37 credits in General Education

General Electives
Study Area Course Credits
Gen Edu General Education 37