Data Science

Data scientists who can deal with big data are some of the highly paid professionals in today’s business world. With the development of computer technology and the internet, companies nowadays are witnessing a massive exponential increase of data in most existing industries. With better understanding of data, companies can discover unmet needs of current and potential consumers, find ways to improve products and services, forecast the direction of business environment changes, and so on. However, organizing and analyzing data in a way that makes sense and catches meaningful insights are difficult tasks that can only be done by professionally educated data scientists. That’s why data scientists are so valuable today.

JCFS offers a data science major with the aim of developing the most competent leaders in the data science field who can utilize their knowledge in practical industries. With education in data science major from JCFS, students will be able to get jobs in fields including but not limited to these: data architect, data engineer, business intelligence developer and manager, data analyst, business analyst, and data scientist.


Specialization in Data Science

Required Courses

Required Course
Study Area Course Credits
Linear Algebra 3
Self-Designed Project 3
Basic Statistics 3
Basic Algorithm 3
Introduction to Computer Science 3
Statistics & Probability 3
Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structure 3
Machine Learning 3
Fundamental Techniques for Data Analytics 3
Cloud Computing 3
Bayesian Statistics 3

Elective Courses

Elective Courses
Study Area Course Credits
AI for Business 3
Calculus 3
Introduction to Python for Data Science 3
Data Ethics 3
Special Subject 1 3
Big Data Fundamentals 3
Data Protection and System Security 3
Introduction to Software Engineering 3
Special Subject 2 3
Database System 3
Data Science in Real Life 3
Computational Thinking for Problem Solving 3
Special Subject 3 3
Deep Learning 3
Data Modeling 3
Data Transformation 3
Data Visualization 3
Special Subject 4 3
Data Mining & Analytics 3
Data Optimization 3
Data Classification 3
Special Subject 5 3
Consulting Skill Program 4
Consulting Practice 4

General Electives

All students are required to take 37 credits in General Education

General Electives
Study Area Course Credits
Gen Edu General Education 37