HADI 4-year System

Unlike most university technology programs, the program at JW Kim College of Future Studies develops knowledgeable leaders with diverse experiences to be truly global citizens. This is done over four years and designed to provide balance in technological expertise and leadership.

  • Phase 1 - Foundation
    This comprises your first year with us at JCFS. During this year you take classes on campus and gain the foundational skills and knowledge needed to begin your journey. Your foundational courses also provide you with the understanding you need to take full advantage of all JCFS has to offer. These courses include foundational technology classes such as Python and Algorithms, along with multiple Liberal Arts classes that help to build key foundational competencies needed while working within international groups. For example, in your Python I course, you learn computer programing that you will use as you go in depth with your specializations in year two and beyond. While in your Critical Thinking course, you will be challenged to come up with solutions to complex problems. All of these courses give you a strong foundation that you will take into the future and allow you to confidently lead future projects.

    You will also have your first taste of international life as you move and adjust to life in South Korea and get to know others in your cohort from diverse backgrounds. No matter which specialization you pursue, these courses will be key to your overall development in your field and contribute to developing the soft skills required of leaders and project managers.
  • Phase 2 - Fundamentals
    With your first year in Korea and the changes of adapting to university life under control, you can dive deeper into your specific specialization. You will dive into fundamental components for your major through projects, workshops, and direct classes with some of the biggest names in technology today through our global partnerships. Begin to take advantage of our unique hybrid educational platform and receive lectures from world class professors, like Dr. Detlef Zühlke a leading expert on AI and Smart Factories.

    Whatever your specialization you choose, our team-based and project oriented HADI (Human and Digital Interface) curriculum gives you the skill set to gain employment and the confidence to lead teams and projects.
  • Phase 3 - Advanced
    In your third year, you will travel abroad to one of our global campuses and be able to take full advantage of our unique program at JCFS in two ways:

    First, you receive advanced classes in your concentration. Along with your advanced classes, you will also have access to renown international research facilities at our partner institutions. Classes will utilize our unique hybrid learning platform that allows you to continue to receive lectures and instruction from our faculty in Korea and around the world.

    Second, traveling to your second new country (after Korea) with your cohort will continue to broaden your world view and perspectives that you can’t get by just visiting. JCFS firmly believes that your education needs to extend beyond the classroom. Providing multiple international experiences allows for our students to be prepared for graduation and future jobs. As a resident of the new country, you will encounter new challenges and gain global experiences that force you to learn and grow. Our entire program is designed to provide you with international opportunities that you can benefit from academically but also individually. With the completion of our time abroad, you will enter the final internship phase of our program, ready to face any challenge with the ability to adapt and lead.
  • Phase 4 - Project (Internship Synthesis)
    For your final semester, you will be placed in an internship abroad. Using academic and industry partners, we have set up challenging opportunities for our students to participate in advanced research. You utilize all of the knowledge you have accumulated over the 3.5 years of the academic program to work on innovative research and be at the forefront of your specified field. The leadership experience gained throughout the program and during your time abroad will help you work in teams to analyze, plan, and create a solution to the assigned task. Completing this internship will show employers that you can not only do the work, but you also know how to work as part of a team and even take the lead on new projects. This final step prior to graduation is intended to maximize opportunities for employment after graduation.