Woosong Campus

Woosong University understands that health is an important of any lifestyle and keeping a healthy body helps your mind stay fit and ready to learn. Woosong University has several fitness amenities that are open to both students and faculty.

Woosong Field:

Conveniently located near the International Dormitory on West Campus, Woosong Field has a soccer field, track, and several outdoor basketball courts to enjoy. Students often will meet at the field in groups for a few games after their classes finish for the day.

Gym/Fitness Centers:

Woosong University has three gyms located around campus. This makes sure that there are ample places for students to go and work up a sweat. There is one dormitory gym in W3; one general fitness gym in W5; and Sol-Sporex located at SolBridge campus.


In addition to a gym and fitness center, the Sol-Sporex sports complex also includes a swimming pool, sauna, indoor basketball court, and table tennis tables.